The Orkut Song

Para morirse de risa… The Orkut Song, por los Mighty Nifty Spatchtones…

Hey everybody, let’s sing the Orkut song!

You should come to Orkut now
I promise you’ll have fun awhile
It’s a place where people meet
To discuss the food they eat
Or maybe with a little luck
They could find someone to… have fun with!

Every boy, every girl should be a part of Orkut’s World!

Oh yeah this is a good song!

But I’ll say that without fail
You’ll end up in Orkut jail
There, you won’t have much to do
And they don’t explain to you
Or perhaps a special treat
Your account should get delete
(Oh no!)
But before you be depressed
This is still a beta test

Okay do the Orkut limbo now!

So let’s make a lot of friends
Talk about Mercedes Benz
Write everyone real cool and cute
Network in your birthday suit
Orkut’s great and it’s real inspired
but your session has expired
Sign back in just like a squirrel

Welcome to the Orkut world (3)

That was great everybody… Hello…. everybody? Hello?

Oh crap, now I’m in jail…

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  • #001
    Miguel de Reina - 8 marzo 2004 - 09:51

    Ya eres miembro de Orkut?

    Quieres que te invite a entrar aunque solo sea por curiosidad?



  • #002
    Enrique Dans - 8 marzo 2004 - 11:56

    Estoy, estoy… ya sabes que los académicos nos lanzamos a estas cosas a toda velocidad… es importante poder hablar de las cosas en clase desde una perspectiva práctica (menos mal que no doy clase de según que cosas ;-) )

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